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My Furry Harem Is After Me

Chong Sheng Zhi Wu Huang Wan Shui • I am the Crowned King of Hearts • Juese Dao Lv Dou Shuo Wu Huang Tizhi Wudi • Rebirth: Ten Thousand Sleeping With My Emperor • Tuyệt Sắc Đạo Lữ Đều Nói Ngô Hoàng Thể Chất Vô Địch • 绝色道侣都说吾皇体质无敌 • 重生之吾皇万睡

Synopsis of My Furry Harem Is After Me

Lin Xing, an ordinary 18-year-old guy, is transported into an otherworldly realm in a fantasy novel. There, he awakens an inexhaustible life force within-an "Immortal Infinite Holy Body." With help from an array of loyal companions-a coquettish phoenix, an innocent ferret, a fierce panda... Lin Xing sets out to uncover the secrets of this mysterious land.