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The Only Job Changer in the World

Sekai de Yuiitsu no Tenshokushi, The Only Job Changer in the World, The Only Job Changer in the World ~ I, a Job Hopper, Decided to Master All the Jobs in Another World, The World's Only Job Changer, 世界で唯一の転職師~ジョブホッパーな俺は、異世界ですべてのジョブを極めることにした~, 世界で唯一の転職師~ジョブホッパーな俺は、異世界ですべてのジョブを極めることにした~@COMIC

Synopsis of The Only Job Changer in the World

Tsukasa, a company employee who repeatedly changes jobs in search of better conditions, challenges the final interview of a major corporation. But as soon as he went past the door, he found himself in another world. His past career seems completely irrelevant, leading to a sense of discouragement. But, the "Job Changer" bestowed upon him grants him a unique ability! With the power to freely switch between jobs like swordsman, mage, spear user, alchemist, appraiser, pharmacist, and more, he begins a leisurely life in this different world. Whether dealing with monsters or making use of abundant knowledge from herbs to items, he adapts effortlessly, engaging in everything from helping people to earning money. Unstoppable with his versatile skills, the powerful corporate slave leaps into a fantasy of career advancement!