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Auto Hunting With my Clones

분신으로 자동사냥 ; Only I Auto Hunt ; Solo Auto-Hunting ; 俺一人で自動狩り ; 我独自狩猎 ; 나 혼자 자동사냥 ; Auto Hunting

Synopsis of Auto Hunting With my Clones

Sangwoo, a college student, decided to join an awakening program on an ordinary day.A system that enables even an average person to learn skills. The government has proceeded with this awakening program since a few years ago. Thus most of the population took the program and is awakened now.Sangwoo also participates in the program just like the others and gets cloning skill.The people around him think that the clone is just an illusion, but Sangwoo realises that the clone is real and decides to become a hunter.As Sangwoo was living well, using his skill, Jumper George Lucas appeared in front of him.After seeing the cloning skill of Sangwoo, he saw its potential and thus started to get interested in Sangwoo.When Sangwoo noticed what Lucas was thinking, he felt it to be a part of a big plan and couldn’t help but be nervous.Eventually, as Sangwoo was living as a hunter, he discovered Lucas’ plan and the dark secret behind it…

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