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Become Your Ideal Maid!

キミの理想のメイドになる! • Kimi no Risou no Maid ni Naru

Synopsis of Become Your Ideal Maid!

To return her master's kindness, her goal is to become the ideal maid.A classic romantic comedy of love with perfect sugar content begins!A few months into his high school life, Renya Nijou has no friends or girlfriend and spends his days living alone. But one day, he witnesses how Maya Kamishiro, the most beautiful girl in his class, was about to be kidnapped by mysterious men dressed in black, apparently Maya was sold by her parents to pay their debts, so Renya decides to help her with the financial resources he got through investments, but Maya can't help but want to return the favor, and declares that she will become Renya's maid...?

List of episodes of Become Your Ideal Maid!