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I Am the Descendant of the Divine Dragon!

Wo, Shenlong Zhihou! • 我,神龙之后! • I, the Queen of Dragons!

Synopsis of I Am the Descendant of the Divine Dragon!

In the highly competitive world of the Xuan Realm Continent, where warriors strive to refine their bodies, cultivate their martial abilities, harness the essence of the heavens and earth, and push beyond mortal limitations, our protagonist, Lu Hao, faces unjust persecution from his own clan since childhood. However, fate smiles upon him as he awakens the dormant bloodline of the Divine Dragon within him. With an unyielding resolve, Lu Hao embarks on an extraordinary journey, overcoming countless obstacles to ascend to the zenith of power. Along the way, he unravels the enigmatic secrets of his past life.