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Life, Once Again!

Synopsis of Life, Once Again!

‘Would you like to live once again?’ It was a peaceful and normal life an average person would live. Getting a job, meeting ‘the one’ and getting married, then living life with your own loving family. That was what my life was like, what it used to be like... until tragedy struck. I was then offered the chance to start life over again. The excitement of starting life once again quickly faded away. Faced with the fading memories of my past life, Growing fainter and fainter as each day passed by; the fear of not being able to meet my wife and daughter overwhelmed me. To make matters worse, the opportunity to become an actor, a dream that I had given up before, was tempting… ‘If I live this life differently from my previous one, there’s a chance that I might not be able to meet my wife and daughter!’ Stuck between family and the dream I had given up, what will be my choice?