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??? Rank no Ura Soubi Musou

???ランクの裏装備無双 • Unparalleled ??? Rank Hidden Equipment • ???ランクの裏装備無双

Synopsis of ??? Rank no Ura Soubi Musou

A young man named Jinfrey, decides to become an adventurer in order to earn a lot of money and make his family happy.However, the moment he tries to become an adventurer, Jinfrey remembers the memory of his previous life.This world that Jinfrey was born and raised, was exactly the same world as “Ground Seven”, a shitty game that he played in his previous life to the point where he was called a “Hardcore Player” !Although confused by the suddenly revived memories, by using this knowledge, Jinfrey aims to become unparalleled with the help of the secret “Hidden Equipment” in this world.