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Reborn As The Heavenly Demon

Reincarnation Heavenly Demon • 환생천마 • Renascimento do Demônio Celestial • Rebirth of the Heavenly Demon • Reborn as the Heavenly Demon • Reborn Heavenly Demon • 還生天魔 • Reincarnated Heavenly Demon

Synopsis of Reborn As The Heavenly Demon

Tian Hejin, popularly called as the Iron-Blooded Alliance Leader, wakes up in the body of “Bi Liduan”- the disgrace of his family! His hobby is gambling, and he has been locked in a dark warehouse for a long time. Overnight, Tian Hejin went from being the greatest expert of Jianghu to the worst possible trash.Let's start from the scratch and accomplish everything I could not achieve in my previous life.