Status ongoing

Saiaku no Avalon

災悪のアヴァロン~ゲーム最弱の悪役デブに転移したけど、俺だけ“やせれば強くてニューゲーム”な世界だったので、最速レベルアップ&破滅フラグ回避で影の英雄を目指します~ • Avalon of Disaster • Wazawai no Avalon • Finding Avalon : The Quest of a Chaosbringer, Avalon of Disaster • Wazawai Aku no Avalon: Finding Avalon -The Quest of a Chaosbringer- • 災悪のアヴァロン

Synopsis of Saiaku no Avalon

The main character loves the MMORPG game called Dan-Ex. During one particular day, a beta test event was announced, and he managed to beat it. In exchange for clearing the event, he was granted permission to try the beta test server. Forcing to choose different avatar and skill as the system doesn't allow his own, he eventually settled on random. However, he is transferred to a place where, as expected, he finds a fat, villainous mob character...!