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Undefeated Dongbang

Dong Bang Bul Pae • Dongfang Bubai • Invincible East • Second Life of Dongfang Bubai • The Invincible of the East • 东方不败 • 東方不敗 • 동방불패 • The Undefeate

Synopsis of Undefeated Dongbang

Dongfang Bubai who was also known as the Heavenly Enlightened Warrior, a match for ten thousand enemies, and the Sacred Saint of the Sun and Moon Cult, found himself in an unexpected predicament. During the unification of Jianghu, a mishap occurred with the Soul Splitting Grand Art, resulting in Dongfang Bubai's soul being mistakenly transferred into the body of the 14-year-old son of Mount Hua's Shadowless Sword Warrior."Tsk, what is this miserable body...Doesn't matter. I am the Great Dongfang Bubai, the Invincible of the East, and all the martial arts in the world are in my head.I will unify the Jianghu once again!"