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Yume Miru Seiza

夢見る星座; The Constellation Shine in the Sky; Yumemiru Seiza

Synopsis of Yume Miru Seiza

From PresenceDear: 1) The Constellation Shine in the Sky A businessman misunderstands his newest employee’s interest in Shinjuku. 2) White Days White Nights 3) Beautiful Days Yamaguchi was bullied in elementary school. His one friend, the class president, disappeared without a word before they entered middle school, but Yamaguchi never forgot him 4) Summer Landmarks As a child, Minoru promised to keep his grandfather’s secret. Years later, a private detective starts poking around the family rental property, asking questions about the past. But, as it turns out, Minoru’s grandfather is not the only one with a secret. 5) Renai Kyoubushou Extra) Friday Next Week